Prof. Ruymán Barceló Solano

I teach different branches of traditional Chinese arts: meditation, chi kung, tai chi chuan (chen style), and traditional southern styles.
I have been teaching constantly since 1999 at a wide range of specialized centers.
I study Psychology at University of La Laguna for four years, at which point I made the decision not to pursue this any further and devote myself instead to a more humanistic kind of therapy, which would consider the union between man and Everything as a vehicle of knowledge and health.
In 1999 I got a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine. My teachers were Prof. Luis Quintero from the Canarian Association for the Investigation of Acupuncture, and Prof. Alberto Sánchez from the Center of Psychology and Holistic Health. My supervisor was Dr. Roberto González, a scholar in human acupuncture and various specialties from China, such as the modern interpretation of classical texts. The lessons were carried out in the Official Medical College in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and in the centers mentioned above.
I went on to specialize in medical practice: I studied details from the classics, psychological disorders, the respiratory system, gynaecology, diet therapy, the digestive system, etc. This took place between 1999 and 2003, both through face-to-face and distance learning, with the guidance of Roberto González from the Biomedical Shuang Yi Association, and Alberto Sánchez from the Center of Psychology and Holistic Health. My contact with the Mexican institute went on until 2009. After this, I pursued the study of herbalism, from the Chinese and Amazonian perspectives. I also learned about therapy with floral essences and Bach flowers. The best teacher I ever had was my friend Santiago Sanz.
In January 2006 I opened my own Institute of Traditional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Arts in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
I have taught three first and one second cycle of lessons about acupuncture and Chinese medicine in my institute and in different centers, through the recommendation of Prof. Alberto Sánchez.
My students achieved excellent results thanks to the imparting of traditional teaching, in which I attempted to get away from conventional concepts and put in second place the modern conceptions from western medicine. Ancient Chinese medicine is an ancestral form of shamanism; this means it centers around the perfect union of man and nature. This was the main reason that pushed me to stay on an independent path, free from old influences, and to understand how important finding myself was in order to fully comprehend the art I have always loved.
The study of Amazonian ethnomedicine enabled me to delve more deeply into the traditional uses of herbalism. From hereon my life centered around spirituality and Amazonian medicine, a knowledge which I received from the masters of the Shuar people, who eventually became my family.
I would like to stress that Francisco Jimbikit, a prominent figure in teaching and healing, was crucial in my education. My knowledge about Chinese medicine and its artistic expression through acupuncture was consolidated thanks to a real understanding that came from my own awareness and inner awakening through shamanism.
In 2007 I was named a traditional doctor and spiritual leader for what might possibly be the first corporation dedicated to the conservation of the spiritual heritage of the Shuar people in Ecuador. This was the result of many years of studying their culture, knowledge, medicine and spirituality with the guidance of several prestigious masters and families; again I would like to point out the importance of Francisco Jimbikit. There was an acknowledgement of my mastery in handling plants, healing, shamanistic rituals, transmissions, art, music, craftwork and guiding of people through a reunion with Life (Arutam). My knowledge of herbalism goes beyond the mere use of medicinal plants and reaches into the use of master plants from diverse shamanistic cultures which are related, somehow historically, with my Shuar roots. To me, and I believe to any honest doctor, it is a great achievement to be able to help a person to develop the skill of delivering themselves to the Spirit. This helps me to understand their sense of pain and allows them to have one last opportunity to heal within Tao itself. When man can no longer heal or help, it should be Life herself, from which we were born, the one who helps us. The art of shamanism was always taught thus; its doctors devoted themselves to guiding the conscience of their people and their sick towards purity, so that by understanding themselves they might join the Tao and heal in the Beginning of everything. The doctor's ability, therefore, extends into infinity, that infinity which is called Arutam, and its careful feeling is the way of Shamanism.
As far as my current work is concerned, I stick to the modern approaches of Chinese universities. Nevertheless, the maturity I have achieved in my relationship with nature and the development of the art of Union with Life, have both opened up for me an authentically expanding field and have contributed to my knowledge of the foundational sense of human etnomedicine as it can be put into practice today. I feel that what I do keeps me close to the ancient Chinese masters (whose words can only be read in the classics), and for a true lover of this art, this is the achievement of a lifetime.
I travel around the world giving conferences, seminars, holding ceremonies and other related arts, conveying ancestral knowledge so that it may not be forgotten. Passing on knowledge about the power and presence of Arutam; teaching the art of reunion with Life, is very necessary in modern times for the mind, the emotions, the body; for people and the world.
In April 2014 my first book came out: "The Great Chant of Shamanism, the Path of Ayahuasca and Tobacco". It was inspired by my entire path through life, and I believe it is the first book of its kind. Written in the Shuar tradition, it expresses the profoundness and the real meaning of ancestral shamanism: a way towards healing and wisdom. It is a treaty on how to help ourselves in the times we live, and it describes our separation from Life. It clarifies the true feeling of a man on this path, away from scientific, religious, anthropological and other speculations.
A year and a half later my second book was published: "The Jewel that inundates all feeling, the 72 enchantments of Tobacco". This book is a special work which intends to expound on the deep relationship between the native American peoples and the sacred tobacco leaf. It poetically describes a shaman's (Arutam Ruymán) feeling of the man-world relationship, in certain ceremonial moments. There is no way to describe the depth of knowledge and the authenticity of the emotions transmitted, as well as the healing it means for our modern culture, the ability of bathing in that spiritual form of life which is, for the peoples of America, their relationship with tobacco. Seventy-two charms take the reader free-falling right into the feeling of Being; they are a form of medicine which intends to gather individual, disordered tendencies, separated from the world, into the one and only Great Feeling which carries the wealth of the original memory. Tobacco has always been considered, by American shamanism, the most important leaf, the living book written by the hand of Arutam (the Great Spirit); with its blood full of feeling, delivered to our grandparents in dreams, it keeps making the men of our time dream, see and feel. This book also aims to serve towards the preservation of the ancient shamanistic art, with answers for those who are adrift in current times, and it invites us to reflect from the shiny summit of knowledge.
I am currently developing, along with Jordi, a project in the high Amazonian jungle of Ecuador, where people from anywhere in the world might live for as long as they need becoming completely integrated with nature and ancient forms of life. It is an international project of sustainability and naturalness, in which any person from any city may remember and recover confidence in themselves and in mother earth. Whether it means learning the art of shamanism and traditional medicine, and/or healing from disease, there exists beautiful possibilities in the world.