Meditation and Chi Kung

Tao is the undifferentiated, eternal essence of all things. We are absorbed into the Everything through contemplation and ecstatic realization in the Tao. That is, after all, what meditation is: the ultimate and absolute medicine.
Chi is the sacred touch of life, the vital potential of everything which emanates from the Tao, every being. Chi is the sacred genius which moves us in perfect Union with what we have always been: the Tao.
Our life depends on our harmony with the Great Truth which saw us born.

  Meditation is the highest of all arts, since it involves delighting ourselves in being entranced with Life. The perfect feeling which animates us is what we call Spirit or Tao; staying within It fills us with its touch and floods our vital channels. The house of Chi in our kidneys lights up; our body becomes warm and flexible; strength holds man in beautiful and perfect balance; living is freed from sickness and sacrifice; the heart beats with perfect precision. Meditation is apparent quietness; it is like taking a bath in forgotten memories without which time goes by hurting and shrivelling us. It is deep peace felt when we empty ourselves in order to feel how we are naturally filled by the Tao. We gather ourselves so as to be free; we gather ourselves because deep within we understand that everything emanates from the Tao, that we are all which exists in an unchanging, delightful Great Perfection. Reason, which tires us, feeds our egos and makes us grow old, stops here: in the fountain from which we were born. There will be no healing until we are who we really are. People nowadays only have a memory of the Tao, a memory which becomes feebler as they grow older and unwell. Reason, seeking to attach itself to an ego, no longer finds any answers. Meditation is non-distracting action, it creates a space where man chooses to rest being the world, being instinct.

  Chi Kung is the harmony of our movement with the world and the Great Sensation. It consciously clears the routes towards vital energy, teaching us how to enrich our sensation and take care of it. With each movement, the purpose is to get closer to the touch of the Tao; this awareness makes health recover and has a profound effect on mind and feeling. It is Life that moves all beings, and we should be in harmony with Her; if we carry on away from her presence, our will comes to an end, our body cannot house Chi: only disease. Chi Kung is the harmony of our movement with the Chi. Flowing with the Chi is taking the utmost advantage of our vital energy; it is health and longevity for people in general; strength and precision for the martial arts; clarity and inspiration for artists; peace for he who suffers; determination and will power for she who has to move on. Usually, people carry out all their daily actions without this harmony. They take their strength from an individuality which is nothing but the memory of their old union with the Tao, and this wears them down little by little. Acting always with an aim in mind and never in harmony with oneself knocks us off our natural balance and affects our health. Each movement has a meaning; everything is related with nature which, in its turn, finds expression in our mind, our emotions, our body. Deficient kidney activity, for example, can be helped to heal by strengthening our roots in low postures, breathing from the center of the body and practising static meditation with the hands on both sides of the hips. When the hands and the feet become warmer, we will feel much better; the winters will not be as cold nor will we be as sensitive to humidity; low back pain crises will be fewer and our knees will feel stronger. Learning Chi Kung is important both for sick and healthy people. Prevention is best, taking care of the balance of the Chi and the nutrition of our being from the vital source.