Prof. Ruymán Barceló

  Traditional Chinese medicine is an ethnic heritage of humanity. As in all human arts, the first aspect of its conception is Life: the Tao. Everything is alive: the emptiness, the light, the mountains, the stones, water, the heavens. All beings are animated by that never-ending, uncreated source; rather, we are an emanation of that infinite beginning which contains all things, though there really is no container, just an emanation which expresses the perfection of Life.

  Health means living in harmony with the vital energy, the Chi, the only source we all are and share. The only way of healing ourselves and others is to be alive, caring for the truth. There is no relationship more important than the one outside of ourselves, nothing can be truer than the reality of that sacred peace which enlightened our birth.

  In this website, I have tried to put forth the fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine. Its therapeutic bases come from a conception of man and nature that belongs to the Tao, which was the essence of shamanism in ancient peoples. A Teacher cannot exist without balancing and understanding these values; what is more, a Teacher cannot exist without internally experiencing spiritual realization. Healing with needles and plants comes from a deep understanding of the Chi. He who has not managed that Union, will hardly be able to help others heal through any means, least of all through the ancient art of acupuncture. The acupuncture points possess a deep sense which must be understood from the Spirit and its mysterious language in Nature. Current practices have for the most part become distorted, cities have reduced them to mere shadows of how powerful and meaningful they could be: this happens because doctors, professors and patients are not capable of apprehending the fundamentals. Acupuncture is not a technical selection of points described by a functional "point-syndrome" or, even worse, "point-symptom" school. In this website, I wish to provide clear and inspiring content, and in a way, to honor the truth of an art which is being forgotten.