Traditional Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture Herbalism

Welcome to this small space of mine, where I attempt to transmit a little of what I know about the art of Chinese medicine, bringing it closer to simple matters which can foster understanding and inspire confidence in those who wish to acquaint themselves with something so distant but at the same time so naturally recognizable in our heart of hearts.

Chinese medicine is an ancestral form of knowledge and therapeutic intervention, in which at every step Life, the Tao, is considered to be the preserving and productive source of how we feel. Nature, an emanation of the Tao, is the only Teacher. When its elements, and its interrelations which flow through time, are out of balance, we become sick. The Tao, original, eternal and imperturbable ecstasis, perfect mirror in its true and pure state, is seen as perennial change in man, who looks at it from his own identity. In its perfection lies the mastery of the doctor who understands and looks after it.