Amazon medicine

 The Amazonian medicine is impossible to separate from its relationship with the shamanic spirituality. Arutam concepts and Tao fully coincide, as can be related reading the work of this web. Confidence in the Arutam and its expression in nature is so deep in the Amazonian peoples , they have extended their cosmic view to the art of healing. Everything emanates from Arutam, everything lives from his sacred touch, Health is the fullness of the intensity of his touch in us. Forgeting this and resisting in the mind, generates a more solid feeling every day. It is only a matter of time that Arutams flow is affected in the body and then this gets sick.

 Shamanism medical culture proposes the use of medicinal plants, diets , rest, advice and meditation to retake the awareness of balance with Nature. When this is not enough to return the intensity of the sacred touch, traditionally resort to the use of their sacred plants ( entheogens ) seeking to deepen the search for the perfect feeling, the forgotten feeling of the delicious birth. Doctors ( shamans ) helped in that process and exercised it's effect through the transmission and intensification of the sacred touch and it's perfect feeling fused with the world. The fan art, chants, enchantments, blowns, etc. collaborated in the blurring of the shadow and rebalancing with the world's feeling. At the same time being, a deep source of ultimate knowledge of Life.